Erupethettam Onam
 Vrishchikotsavam(Pandrandu vellaku)

Vrischikotsavam or 'Panthrandu Villakku' is a 12 day carnival held from Malayalam calender month Vrichikam 1 to 12 (fall in November)

Ochira is known by the famous and 12 day long "Panthrandu villakku" (Vrichikotsavam) celebration because of the spiritual importance of the days . The devotees even from far away places come and stay in the Padanilam in small huts called 'Kudil' irrespective of their social status, creating a one and only world of "human being" . When other temples creates separate entrance or rules for worship for different religion/casts etc even in the 21st century , Ochira stands out to be ideal in the concept of creating an environment where the rich and poor join and stay together for such a long period with the minimum facilities provided.


The whole Padanilam will be converted into temporary accomodation called 'Kudil' and small shops and shows such as circus , magic , miniature gambling etc. The Padanilam will be receiving thousands of people every day and the local transportation agency arranges special public transportation from and to all the places which are potential targets for devotees. Also 24 hour cultural programs will be arranged in the Parabrahma auditorium.These programs include cultural and spiritual talks by famous personalities , entertainment programs such as drama , dances , Kathakali , orchestra etc.

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