Situated in the border of Kollam and Allappuzha districts, adjacent to the National Highway 47, Ochira attracts thousands fo people everyday for both pilgrimage and business .
What makes Ochira so important and unique? Its rich traditions and modern outlook towards life, cultural integrity and social harmony are the favourable reasons for the success of Ochira to be a great spot in the map of Kerala.


Centuries ago when there were no temples, people across Kerala used 'Kavu' as a worship place. ‘Kavu' is nothing but a piece of land with trees and bushes in mass. Later on Temples were formed as a worship place by the Brahmins for keeping their supremacy.
However a few Kavus survived the resistance and continue to exist. Ochira is one among them. Ochira still keeps the tradition of the Kavus, making this place a historically important for Kerala.


Parambrahmam is the mythical God of the ochira temple and oviously the name of the place is interpreted by the spiritual people based on the extreme power. 'Om' is the representation of Parambrahmam, the god of all gods. The word 'Chira' means piece of land. These two words combined together 'Om Chira' meant the 'land of Param brahmam'. Om chira became Ochira during the course of time.


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